Argo Rollouts progess monitoring [hack]

We recently started using Argo Rollouts to use a proper BlueGreen deployment strategy instead of using a homegrown bash script to mimic the BlueGreen deployment strategy ourselves.

Argo has been a great success so far! The only thing we were missing is the ability to monitor the status of the rollout. Previously we could achieve it via kubectl rollout status deployment/xxx. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the Kubectl Argo Rollout plugin doesn’t support such a command yet. So we had to find a way around since our developers wanted to be notified when the rollout is completed.

The hacky solution

So to monitor the Argo Rollout, we wrote a little bash with a loop which will check the status of the rollout


while $deploying; do
  sleep 10
  status="$(kubectl argo rollouts --cluster="$KUBERNETES_CLUSTER" \
                                  --namespace="$KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE" \
                                  get rollout web | \
                                  grep 'Status' | \
                                  awk '{print $3}')"

  echo "Status: $status"

  if [ "$status" = "Healthy" ]; then

It’s straightforward. We start a while loop and sleep for a couple of seconds. Next, we will retrieve the details of the rollout, which we can retrieve using the Kubectl Argo Rollouts plugin. We need to manipulate the output with Grep and AWK to filter out the status since JSON output isn’t available yet. The loop exits after the rollout transitions back to the Healthy state, which indicates the Argo Rollout finished. After that, you can extend your bash script to notify your developers/ CI / Github / …

It’s not pretty, but it works so far until Argo Rollouts will support monitoring the rollout natively.